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  1. Australia’s Governor General Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC is the Chief Scout of Australia.
  2. Lieutenant General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, usually known simply as BP, started the Scouting Movement.
  3. In Australia there are 75000 members of the Scouting Movement.
  4. Scouting has been in existence since 1907.
  5. Scouting is active in 161 of the world’s countries.
  6. Girls were allowed to participate in Scouts from about 1990.
  7. Scouting is not permitted in China.
  8. There are only 6 countries in the world where Scouting does not exist.
  9. Sir Richard Branson was a Scout.
  10. Some countries still do not permit girls to participate in Scouting.
  11. Scouting in Murrumbateman commenced in 1990.
  12. The first Scout Camp was at Brownsea Island in the UK in 1907.
  13. In 2010 the 1st Murrumbateman Scout Group raised in excess of $8000 for various charities.
  14. Bill Gates was a Scout.
  15. The word “Moot” is from the Old English and means a meeting or assembly.  In Scouting a Moot is a meeting of older Scouts (18 – 26) that is organized by the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement every four years.
  16. The last Moot was held in August 2010 in Kenya.
  17. Scouting is accessible to people with various disabilities.
  18. Steven Spielberg was a Scout.
  19. There are more than 28 Million Scouts (youth and adults) in the world.
  20. Scouting is non-denominational.
  21. Scouting in Australia commenced in 1907.
  22. Baden Powell’s wife started the Girl Guide Movement.
  23. Scout Leaders’ training is provided at no charge to them.
  24. Ukraine commenced Scouting in 2008.
  25. Australia provides aid to support the establishment of Scouting in less developed countries in our region.
  26. Many aspects of Cub Scouting are based on Rudyard Kipling’s book “The Jungle Book.”
  27. Cub Scouts are by far the coolest and best section in the Scouting Movement.
  28. Scouting in the US is not co-ed as it is in Australia.
  29. In Australia Scouts stopped wearing the khaki uniform because it was considered to be too military in appearance.
  30. Dick Smith was a Scout and is still a strong supporter of Scouting.

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