The process of becoming a member of a section of the Scout Group generally starts with the young person coming along on the appropriate day/time and attending for about 4 to 6 weeks.

There are no membership fees charged for this initial 4 to 6 week try-out period.  After this initial period membership registration paperwork will be completed and then sent to Scouts Australia NSW.  Payment of fees will be required.  If your child begins mid-year then fees will be determined on a term-by-term basis until the end of the year.

Fees charged are among the lowest in the region and consist of three parts:

* A once-off Scouts Australia NSW registration fee of $20.00

* Annual Scouts Australia NSW membership fee of $136.00

* Annual Contribution to the Murrumbateman Group for such things as hall rental, badges and equipment of $184.00

For each subsequent child from the same family the annual combined State/Group fee is reduced to $300.00


The Jones family have just moved to the district.  They have three children one Cub age and two Scout age – neither have been involved with Scouting before.

The fees would be:

* Three one-off registration membership fees of $20 each – total of $60

* One annual State/Group fee of $320

* Two annual State/Group fees of $300 – total of $600

The total fee payable in the first year would therefore be $60 plus $920 – giving $980.

Fee notices are sent out at the beginning of the year (usually about April).


The Murrumbateman Scout Group has a program called Benefit for Effort.  This program allows families to reduce their Group fees by helping with fundraising or other activities for the Group.

Please refer to the attached document for further information regarding the Benefit for Fee Effort Model – bfemodeljul14.

In 2014, seventy one percent of families had at least one Benefit for Effort token.

Please note:

* Tokens cannot be transferred against the Scouts Australia NSW annual registration or joining fees.

* They can only be transferred for the following year (for example tokens received in 2014 will reduce the 2015 fees).

We are fortunate to have a Group Treasurer – Jimena Morgan who is responsible for issuing fee notices.  Jimena will be happy to answer any questions about Scouting costs.  Mobile – 0412 171 510.


Support can be provided to those who may be experiencing genuine financial hardship, speak to one of our leaders if you would like more details.


One of the aims of the Scout Movement and the 1st Murrumbateman Scout Group is to make the benefits of Scouting accessible to all regardless of a family’s socio-economic situation.  The Scouts NSW Branch Team, the Riverina Region Team, and the Group will do everything possible to ensure that no child is prevented  from participating due to an inability to afford the annual fees and the fees associated with other activities such as camps and excursions. There are a range of options available to make Scouting affordable for your family – please contact the Group Leader to discuss this if required.  All requests for assistance, and any relief flowing from such requests are treated in absolute confidence.


Please email our treasurer – – as well as your Group Leader when you have paid your fees.

BSB Number:  032-730

Account Number:  812154

Account Name:  1st Murrumbateman Scouts

Bank:  Westpac

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