We would love to share the Scouting experience with your young person. If Scouts looks like something your children would like to try then you are welcome to come along for a couple of sessions with the relevant unit (Cubs, Scouts, or Venturers) without looking at membership. It does take a few weeks to start understanding the Scouts customs and practices.

The relevant unit leader will provide you with the term program of activities. The Group also has a Facebook page which can inform you of our activities and adventures.  Please note that 1st Murrumbateman Scout Group operates to ACT school term dates, not NSW dates (when they are different).  After these couple of weeks, if your child is then interested in joining Scouts Australia as a member, you can head to the Scouts NSW website to fill in the online Youth Membership Application Form (Y1) at:

This online form commences a provisional membership period. Your child can remain a provisional member for up to 6 weeks. Within that time, if and when your child chooses to become a full member they will be invested as an Australian Scout and start wearing the uniform.

Uniform Purchase

Before the investiture ceremony, you will need to purchase a uniform shirt for your child. Each section of the scouting program (Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers) has a different coloured shirt. Shirts are available from either of the online Scout Shops –  or

Both shops are usually very quick with delivery, however it is best to place the order at least three weeks prior to the date of the investiture ceremony. Don’t forget to pick a size that allows for your child to grow during their time in that section, as they will accumulate badges on their uniform which will need to be transferred to a new shirt. It is not uncommon for shirts to be oversize when a child starts in the section, and tight by the end of their time in that section.

Fees are payable each school term. The fees structure is fully described at this page.  Additional charges are also levied for various activities – these charges vary according to the duration, location and nature of the activity.

One thing to keep in mind is that a Scout group can only operate with the active volunteer involvement of parents and other interested adult members of the community. In fact, scouting activities are more rewarding and beneficial for our youth members when their parents are involved. We therefore ask that parents commit to supporting the Group either as (in our preferred order) a uniformed leader, member of the Group Support Committee, or otherwise actively supporting a set number of specified activities during each 12 month period. Some more information on getting involved is available here:

Further information about the Scouts Australia program, and the specific administration for the NSW Branch, is at the following websites: