The Group Support Committee (GSC) is a key element of every healthy Scout Group.   The GSC usually consists of a number of dedicated parents/carers but sometimes other members of the family or of the community participate.   The GSC is lead by a President and meets approximately every six weeks.

The GSC is responsible for such critical roles as fundraising, acquiring equipment, maintaining equipment, assisting with major projects, and promoting the Group.  The functions performed by the Committee allow the leaders to concentrate on their key role of working with the Group’s Youth Members.   The Group Leader is the conduit between the Leaders and the GSC.

The 1st Murrumbateman Scout Group is very fortunate to have a hardworking and dedicated Committee.

Involvement of parents/carers on the Group Committee is essential to ensure that required jobs can be done without placing undue burden on any one person. Even if you are not a member of the Committee you are still likely to be requested to assist with various activities and functions. Please contact one of the Leaders if you are willing to serve on the Group Committee.

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