Do you know the hardworking and dedicated leaders within the 1st Murrumbateman Scout Group?

This page is designed to provide you with some general information about Scout Leaders and some specific information about the leaders within our Group. Maybe after reading this page you have decided that being a Scout Leader is something that you may be interested in having a go at – if so please contact us to discuss options.

General Leader Information

Adult Scout Leaders are special, hardworking, and dedicated people who have the interests of our Youth Members at heart. Leaders come from all walks of life and often, but not always, have experienced the advantages offered by Scouting through their or their children’s involvement in the movement. Adult Scout Leaders must be a minimum of 18 years old and must undergo a police check to confirm that they are suitable to work with youth. Scout Leaders complete nationally accredited training that prepares them to work with a given section or age group, or to instruct/supervise particular activities (for example: kayaking, rock climbing, caving). There are various leader options, depending on a person’s interest, availability, and experience. More detailed information about: what a leader is, what a leader does, leader training, leader options, and becoming a leader is contained on the Scouts NSW Branch website at

Who Are Our Leaders?

CUBS – Anne SUSANS ‘Ikki’, Susan WRIGHT ‘Mala’, Andrew WYMAN ‘Baloo’, Tracy Mellifont ‘Kaa’

SCOUTS – Trijntje HUGHES ‘Hedgehog’, David Jongeneel ‘Bunyip’, Allan Stuart ‘Dingo’

VENTURERS – Peter HUGHES ‘Grackle’



Scout Name: Akela
Contact: – – 0402 038 838- 02 6226 8492
Roles: Leader-in-Charge, Cub Scout Leader, Water Activities Guide, Flying Fox Instructor
Nationally Accredited Training Completed: Basic Leadership 1-3, Advanced Leadership 1-3, Wood Badge, Senior First Aid, Certificate 4 Workplace Training and Assessment, Certificate 2 and 3 in Outdoor Recreation
Involvement Since: 2000

Chris was born in the UK on 1 February 1963 and immigrated to Australia in 1967 with his parents, brother, and sister. Chris spent most of his childhood growing up in the North West of Western Australia and later in the suburbs of Perth. In 1981 at the age of 17 and after completing year 12, Chris was accepted to join the RAAF and attend university to study Communications Engineering. Chris graduated in 1984 after completing four years of study and became a Radio Officer in the RAAF being initially posted to RAAF Base Darwin. During his 17 years of RAAF service Chris spent most time in Darwin, Canberra, and Alice Springs and specialised in Over-the-Horizon RADAR and ground-based communications.

In 1997 Chris transferred from the RAAF to the Australian Army’s Signals Corps where he worked in a number of staff positions in Canberra until leaving the military in 2001. Since leaving the military Chris has worked for a number of companies in Canberra and continues to be involved with Defence communications related projects. Currently Chris is working on a large project to modernise and enhance the communications capability on the Navy’s Collins Class submarines.

Initially Chris became involved in the Scouting Movement as an Adult Helper when his two sons were Joey age (six to eight). In 2003 when the 1st Murrumbateman Cub Scout Leader resigned and left the district after many years of service Chris was asked if he would take on the role of Leader-in-Charge and Cub Scout Leader. Chris took on the role and has been in the job ever since – despite his children leaving the movement in 2004! Chris still plays an active part in the running of the Cub Scout Section; however, now finds that he needs to devote more of his time and energy to the Leader-in-Charge role as the Group continues to grow. Chris has also successfully completed Water Activities guide training and spends much of his time supervising and instructing for canoe and kayak related activities.

Chris has a range of interests outside of Scouting but finds that many of these interests can also be actively pursued through Scouting activities. Chris’s other interests include:

  • Bush walking especially multi-day remote area hikes
  • Camping
  • Cold Climate Survival
  • Kayaking
  • Gardening
  • Woodwork
  • Entertaining
  • Studying
  • Fishing
  • Travel
  • Researching alternative energy schemes
  • Supporting local community service projects

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