Uniforms are to be worn to each parade night, and to many other activities and camps etc.  For some specific events or activities uniform will not be worn due to the need to wear special clothing or due to the nature of the activity possibly causing damage to the uniform.

The only compulsory items of uniform are the section shirt (Joey, Cub, Scout,Venturer or Rovers), Group scarf, Woggle, and a selection of badges. The section shirt needs to be purchased by families but the other compulsory items of uniform are provided at no additional charge (beyond the Group fees) by the Group when the youth member is invested.

Uniforms can be purchased from:

The Scout Shop

85 Wentworth Street
Port Kembla NSW 2505
Phone: (02) 4274 1193 

You will be provided with the following badges when you are invested: Murrumbateman scarf badge, World Scouting badge, Australian flag, Riverina Region badge, Introduction to Section badge, and the 1st Murrumbateman Group name tape. As people progress through Scouting they typically participate in the various sections’ achievement awards schemes and thereby earn various badges to put on their uniforms. Many special or significant Scouting events also result in badges being issued – some of which are put on the uniform. In short, it is quite likely that you will earn many badges through your time in Scouting.


One of the most frequently asked questions is “Where do all of these badges go on my uniform?”

New Scout Youth Member joining from August, 2020 or a Youth Member moving into a higher unit section.


Only for existing Youth Members who joined before August 2020 and while they remain in their current section. – 

Uniform Layout – Aug 19

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